Lightweight, Cost Effective Hydrovacs

Size and Weight Advantage

The Rival truck was created to allow for business owners and their employees to be able to provide highly efficient Hydrovac services within the constraints of the law. The current situation does not allow for this. The large trucks are built to legally haul water to a job site and hypothetically dispose of the spoils on location. This is an unrealistic concept.  It just cannot happen in most circumstances. Therefore the current choice is to either run full and hope for the best, or run with partial loads. Either choice is an inefficient one. The truck is expensive to build and operate and to not use it to its capacity is a waste of resources. To operate thousands of pounds overweight is even worse. This industry was born out of a desire to add safety to the excavation of underground lines. To dig safely and then drive away at 100,000 LBS is a confusing concept. The Rival truck can excavate at competitive rates and haul away a full 7 yard load. In most circumstances, there is no worry about the DOT or the extended liability of an accident when operating outside of the legislated limits. These large units weigh in the neighbourhood of 50,000 LBS empty. The Rival weighs 33,000 LBS.

These large units are often 35-40 feet in length and 13+ feet in height. The Rival is 30 feet long and just over 11’ at its highest point. Because of this, turning is much easier and fitting the truck into tight areas is relatively easy. Rival has also added dual back up cameras to add to the driveability and safety.

It is the believe of Rival that enforcement will continue to get more aggressive in policing the weights that these trucks travel at. It is already a major issue in several urban markets. Ticket amounts are crushing to a small operator and in some jurisdictions it is obvious that these units are being targeted. The days of operating overweight in a city are coming to an end in our opinion. When you think about it, this is one of the only trucking businesses where the vehicle has to operate at tens of thousands of pounds overweight to be used as built.

Being first to market with a compliant unit is a significant competitive advantage. Being able to proactively go to municipalities informing them as to this situation and offering a solution will put a business owner on the right side of the trend.  Instead of hoping to avoid the issue through creative driving, you can use it to leverage support from customers.